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Safety Moment #12: Process Safety Emergency Response

Process Safety Moment for Emergency Response – the Two Second Rule

Safety Moments

Safety Moments are short stories or anecdotes that illustrate some aspect of personal or process safety. Generally they feature a near miss or foolish event that had the potential to be much worse than it was. They can be used to start a meeting or a task assignment.

We publish a wide range of Safety Moments. Many of the Safety Moments include a video that is generally posted to YouTube. Browse through them and select one that has the most relevance to your audience. This Safety Moment — the Two Second Rule — illustrates the importance of having an emergency response program as part of your overall Process Safety Management (PSM) system.

The Two Second Rule

Emergency Response is a key part of any Process Safety Management (PSM) program. No matter how effective preventive measures may be, there is always a chance that something will go badly awry. In which case an emergency response program is needed.

The Two Second Rule is taught in driver’s education. The basic idea is simple: stay two seconds behind the vehicle that you are following in order to ensure sufficient stopping distance. In other words, in an emergency situation you know what to do and you have sufficient time to take the appropriate action.

The concept of a “two second rule” can also be used in process safety management programs. But in this Safety Moment the idea is put forward that within a short period of time, everyone knows what to do if a catastrophe is looming.


History of Risk and Safety

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Process Risk and Reliability Management: Welcome


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Prestartup Reviews

Prestartup (Safety) Reviews

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Ian Sutton

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