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Process Risk and Reliability Management: Welcome

March 27, 2015


Welcome to our blog Process Risk and Reliability Management. Other blogs in the The PSM Report group are:

The posts here are based on the book Process Risk and Reliability Management, published by Elsevier. Details to do with the book are provided here; the Table of Contents (.pdf format) is here; and purchasing information is here.

The posts that we have published so far are shown below, organized by chapters of the book.

Chapter 1 — Risk Management

Chapter 2 — Compliance and Standards

Chapter 3 — Culture and Participation

Chapter 4 — Technical Information

Chapter 5 — Hazard Identification

Chapter 6 — Operating Procedures

Chapter 7 — Training and Competence

Chapter 8 — Prestartup Reviews

Chapter 9 — Asset Integrity

Chapter 10 — Management of Change

Chapter 11 — Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

Chapter 12 — Emergency Management

Chapter 13 — Audits and Assessments

Chapter 14 — Consequence Analysis

Chapter 15 — Frequency Analysis

Chapter 16 — Reliability, Availability and Maintainability

Chapter 17 — Managing a Risk Program

Chapter 18 — Project Management

Chapter 19 — Contractors

Chapter 20 — The Risk Management Professional

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